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Officers and Committees

Rosa Cuenca

Catherine Ronaghan

Vice President
Dixon Santana

Steven Leeds

Immediate Past President
Steven E. Wolf

D. Rohan Jeyarajah
Mark Watson, MD
G. Tom Shires, III, MD

Specialty Society Governors
D. Rohan Jeyarajah
Arthur I. Sagalowsky
Therese Duane

Governor at Large
Ari O. Halldorsson
G. Tom T. Shires, III
Michael S. Truitt

Program Chair
Houssam Osman

Program Co-Chair
Joseph T. Murphy

Committee on Trauma Provisional Chair
Michael Truitt

Commission on Cancer State Chair
Scott Celinski

Scott Bloemendal
Shelton Viney
Catherine Ronaghan


Specialty Representative – Head and Neck
Larry Leonard Myers

Specialty Representative – OBGYN
Debra Richardson

Specialty Representative – Pediatric Surgery
Joseph T. Murphy

Specialty Representative – Thoracic Surgery
Baron Hamman

Speciality Representative – Urology
Allan Haynes, III, MD

Specialty Representative – Vascular Surgery
Melissa L. Kirkwood

TMA Representatives
Rosa Cuenca
Warren Lichliter

Women in Surgery Representative
Jenna Wishnew

Young Fellows Association Rep (YFA)        
Michael Cripps

Young Fellows Association (YFA) Representative            
Michael W. Cripps

Resident and Associate Society Representative (RAS)     

Program Director – UT Southwestern  
Kareem J. Abdelfattah

Program Director – Methodist             
Michael S. Truitt

Program Director – Baylor    
Robert Goldstein

Program Director – Texas Tech           
Ari O. Halldorsson

Program Director – Medical City Fort Worth Surgery Program           
Michael Brooks

Program Director – Texas Tech Permean Basin         
Neil Ellis

Chapter Administrator                
Carrie Steffen